Reading Association for the Blind

Supporting visually impaired people of Reading since 1883

We are a charitable association offering services to the visually impaired in Reading Berkshire UK.

photo of RAB members
A group from Young at Heart enjoying lunch out at the Goring and Streatley Golf Club

ramblers in wood 2019Photo featuring Tony with Jane, followed by Liz with Lisa and Hillary and behind them the main group


Arts & Craft

Arts & Handicrafts Clubs

photo of
A RAB member fabric printing an apron using a stencil, sponge and brightly coloured fabric paint

On Tuesdays and Fridays at Walford Hall between 10:00 & 14:00, members are offered the opportunity to take part in a variety of crafts, except two weeks around Christmas & Easter, it is also closed for most of August, due to staff and volunteers holidays.

photo of
Two members sitting at a table decoupage a footstool

The programme is prepared with people of different abilities in mind so Over the past year we have used a number of techniques to make items either for personal use, for sale or to decorate the hall or items to use and make our garden more pleasant to use.

These techniques include
a picture of
A member of staff is helping a visually impaired person to create a 'sun catcher' They are using permanent pens to colour the shapes which will then be hung at a window for the light to shine through
mosaic picture
This mosaic picture measures 1.5m X 80cm and depicts a river running through a field and wood. There are fish in the river. The sun is peeping out from behind a cloud in a blue sky
Two members sitting at a table creating the mosaic picture
Two members are sticking mosaic tiles to a large board following a painted outline of a design creating the mosaic picture which is now hanging on the wall in the sensory garden
A winter view of the sensory garden looking back towards the door & archway with the river mosaic on the wall

We have planted bulbs and sown seeds in the sensory garden, made coasters, table mats, some of which we sale in our fairs we hold to help raise funds, plus adding some of our own artwork such as painted pebbles and wall art which makes the garden a very pleasant place for our members to sit in the summer.

Book Club

The book club takes place during the Friday clubs sessions where a short story is read and then discussed in our reading room, this is proving to be very popular with our members.

Transport & Cost for these sessions

Regular transport to and from the club may be provided by minibus which can also accommodate a wheelchair. Alternatively members can arrange their own way to and from the hall. Cost are £4.00 plus a cup of coffee/Tea per a session, filled rolls served for lunch are 70p each and soup (winter only) 50p.

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